Bush operating as usual: Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth


Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes mistaken for the truth. More than
an old axiom, it is how Republicans win elections and rule. Despite every
U.S. and global intelligence report proving beyond a doubt that so-called
'foreign fighters' -- those Mister Bush and Cheney call 'al-Qaeda'
fighters -- make up only 2-to-6 percent of all enemy combatants in Iraq, the
administration and its supporters have repeated the 'al-Qaeda in Iraq' scam
so often that the corporate-owned media has begun to report the line without
clarification. Another Republican success story...another lie told enough
that it has become mistaken for the 'truth'.

When Mister Bush, Cheney, Republicans and even the administration's
handpicked lapdog military Generals initially began referring to Iraqi
insurgents as 'al-Qaeda terrorists', the corporate-owned media had made an
effort -- at least from time-to-time -- to point out that there really
weren't very many foreign fighters operating in Iraq. Now, however, the
corporate-owned press unquestioningly parrots whatever
administration-related people tell them.

If Dick Cheney or General Petraeus blame an Iraq bombing on bin-Laden's
al-Qaeda network, the media simply repeat it verbatim. No mention whatsoever
that al-Qaeda, if it has a significant presence at all, accounts for less
than six percent of all enemy combatants in Iraq. No mention from the
corporate-owned media that it is much more likely that any given attack had
been perpetrated by the much larger 94-to-98 percent indigenous Iraqi

Nothing. Not a peep!

Still, this is a vital and important lesson. This is a perfect example of
how Republican, especially Bushist Republican lies are repeated ad nauseam
and then told again and again and again, until everyone simply gives up
trying to correct the record and the lie becomes a non-truth truth. This is
exactly how the Bush administration was able to con the American people into
believing Saddam had WMD, that he had ties to al Qaeda and played a role in
the attacks on September 11, 2001...they told the lies over and over and
over again, until people assumed they had to be true.

Sadly, the Bush administration and Republicans have managed to pervert the
military and its Generals...turning the services and leadership into nothing
more than political props and puppets. Mister Bush and Cheney have
shamelessly prostituted the honorable sacrifice of common soldiers such as
Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, but mostly they've pimped out America's
Generals as though they were nothing more than a bunch of common 'love you
short-time' prostitutes. The difference, of course, is that most of the
Generals have enjoyed prostrating themselves, their honor, and the military
so that they could prove their loyalty to the Bushist cause.

The latest 'love you short-time' prostitute is General David Petraeus,
commander of Bush's latest 'surge' plan. The lie that Mister Bush and
Republicans now want the American people to believe, is that "progress" is
being made in Iraq. They all use that key phrase, "progress in Iraq." Mister
Bush uses it whenever he steps before the cameras; Dick Cheney uses the
phrase whenever he isn't accusing Democrats of working for al Qaeda; every
Republican Senator and GOP Congressperson mutters the sound bite; and now,
too, General 'love you short-time' Petraeus repeats the phrase at every

When asked what he had discussed during his meeting with Congress, Petraeus
said "What I did highlight was one of the areas in which there has been
progress, and that is in the reduction in sectarian murders in Baghdad..."

What the good General did not highlight, however, is the fact that:

a) The sectarian murders did drop briefly, but have risen again...and
b) As the violence in Baghdad decreased, it increased everywhere else in
c) Mister Bush and the General simply ignore the 4,000 people killed by car
bombs since the 'surge' began...they don't include car bomb deaths in their

The General didn't mention those inconvenient facts, because they wouldn't
have helped move forward the "progress" lie that Karl Rove and George W.
Bush are determined to make into their latest non-truth truth. So, the
General did what all of Mister Bush's handpicked Generals have always done -
prostrated himself, his honor and the military for the Bushist cause.

For the rest of America, remember how Bush and Republicans use the willing
corporate-owned media to repeat a lie until it becomes mistaken for the
truth...don't be conned into believing there is real "progress" taking place
in Iraq. The mere notion of this so-called progress is proven a lie, simply
by their need to repeat it over and over and over again.




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