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By Robert J. Elisberg


50 Easy Questions to Ask Any Republican

Anyone can ask tough, intricate, confrontational questions.

But all that ever does is start an argument, and it gets people

On the other hand, these are...well, easy.

These are friendly questions.
All good questions --- but too many.

(1) Has Bush lied to us?
(2) Why would you believe anything he says now?

Questions to ask anyone of either party:
1. Did Bush lie?
2. Did Kerry lie?
3. Did Clinton lie?
4. Did Sr. Bush lie?
5. Did Reagan lie?
6. Did Carter lie?
7. Did Ford lie?
8. Was Nixon a crook?

Find me someone who didn't lie, and I'll show you someone who is not a

It's all a matter of degree and the real purpose behind the lies.
Bush has killed a bunch of good and innocent people with his lies.
Kerry's lies were minor at worst, done with the best of intentions- to
remove a monstrous creature from the White House.
Clinton lied about Monica, something that should have taken up with
Hillary, not the whole goddamned nation.
Only when he opened his mouth; the voters made him pay for it. Jr. made
certain we couldn't make him pay for it in 04.
Not that he was aware of. His Alzheimers was diagnosed in 1978. He was
always confused and disjointed on his best days.
No. It's why he was beaten in 1980. There has never been a more honest and
decent man in the Presidency.
Not to any great degree. The second most honest man to hold the Presidency.
he about had to be after Nixon's debacle.