Re: Does same-gender marriage threaten YOUR marriage?

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Then you need a counselor, not a Congressman.

Nope. People can marry bears or highheel pumps and it wouldn't effect
my marriage one bit but that not what marriage is all about. Is it.

By the way, we need George W. Bush to go down to Utah, and straighten out
these Mormons.

Marriage is all about 1 man and 1 woman, not 1 man and more than 1 woman.

Yes, I see. You are building the case for a constitutional amendment
establishing marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Otherwise, the state of Utah could NOT legally refuse to recognize
polygamous marriages. They would come in through the same back door as
would gay marriages.

Exactly why we need a biblical scholar like Bush to force a change in the US

Sure, homosexuals, and Mormons will continue their practices, but at least
God fearing Americans, (the real God from the bible, not those terrorist's
god), we can pretend that none of that is happenning.

You haven't been reading the talking points for politically correct
dickheads. You're supposed to oppose polygamy as being "oppressive of
women". You're not an "oppressor of women", are you?

Since feminists and gays tend to be united on most issues, including
the "gay marriage" issue, the fact that polygamist marriages WOULD come
in through the same back door as gay marriages is something would cause
tension in this alliance.

Above is a link to a story from India about a woman who married a

And above is a link to a story from Israel about a woman who married a
dolphin. Presumably, these are valid marriages in the jurisdictions in
which they took place. Do these women have a right to have the
authorities in this country recognize these marriages?


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