there were 50,000 Jews in Iraq in 1940

Now there's about 11. Why? The existance of Israel made it unsafe to be a
Jew in e.g. Iraq. Now Jews are fleeing Europe again. The Israeli ship of
state is sinking. You can tell by the rats washing up on shore 6000 miles
away. Jews are going to want a compassionate US President to help
dismantle thier failed social experiment in the Levant. If I'm not
disturbing enough, and if you think I'm as crazy as a shit-house rat,
consider the bizarre behavior of Ariel Sheinerman. Very disturbing.


Rick (Richard Allen) Hohensee Party of one
candidate, President of the United States of America
humbubba@xxxxxxxxx Maryland, USA
Ground troops out of Iraq Put the CIA under INS
Semi-legalize drugs Prosecute Bush Tighten the borders
Isolate Israel Tax churches halve military aquisitions
Hohensee-Feingold Amendment