Rumsfeld says America is less safe if we leave Iraq

He and Cheney insist that the insurgents want to destroy America.
Really? They do? When did Iraq attack the United States? Whoever runs
the place will sell oil. None of those guys were involved with
September 11. By Republican logic, we should be invading Saudi Arabia
and Kuwait as well but, instead, Republicans are happy being friends
with a culture that teaches their people to hate us.
Why do these guys keep lying, and why do their followers tolerate it?
Does the Republican leadership think that our citizens will change
their minds? In the vaguely named "War on Terror" Iraq was a
non-player and now, the longer we stay, the more terrorists we breed in
the greater Islamic world.
We should remove our obvious presence and use appropriate means to
kill the actual terrorists that are there. But, as long as we occupy
Iraq, enemies, both terrorists and those sympathetic with the the Baath
party and the Sunni insurgents, will continue to enter Iraq. I have a
feeling that the war supporters don't realize the difference between
terrorists and insurgents. We are fighting both, an effort further
complicated by the fact that Sunnis and Shiites are fighting each
Why on Earth Bush thinks liberating Islamic fundamentalists will make
America safer is a great mystery, but, now that it's happened, there's
no way our forces can referee a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites,
nor can they stop it.
I keep hearing about leaving behind a "legitimate government". Only
the Iraqis can create that. We did the part of getting them rid of
Saddam Hussein but the rest is up to them.