Franken, Air America stomping Bill Al-Reilly; Al-Reilly pulled from some stations because of low ratings

Regulars on this NG know that from time to time one or more of our resident
rightwing loonies posts a phony claim about how Air America is on its last

Not exactly.

Here's an article from the Denver Post. Note the list of cities where Air
America is beating out Al-Reilly. Note, too, that Al-Reilly was dumped from
one Denver station because of his ratings.


O'Reilly not a factor on KHOW

So long, Billy. You got dumped.

I'm talking about William James O'Reilly Jr., a.k.a. The Bully.

On Monday, KHOW 630-AM pulled the plug on "The Radio Factor With Bill
O'Reilly" because of poor ratings.

His nemesis, Al Franken, had better ratings on Boulder's Air America
affiliate, KKZN 760-AM - a station that has spotty reception in parts of the
metro area.

The most recent Arbitron ratings, from this summer, show an 8 percent
share of the listeners tuned to local radio talk show king Rush Limbaugh,
2.6 percent listened to Franken, and 2.1 percent turned to O'Reilly when the
three were aired during the same time.

This week, O'Reilly was replaced by syndicated conservative talk-show
host Glenn Beck. Program director Jerry Bell said Beck is an independent
voice and doesn't use talking points.

"He doesn't use the same set of notes" Limbaugh and O'Reilly use, Bell

If that's true, it will be a refreshing change from O'Reilly's rants,
which listeners are tiring of in some markets.

In Seattle and New York, Franken beat O'Reilly. In Portland, Ore., Air
America's Randi Rhodes beat O'Reilly too, according to summer Arbitron

It's not because conservatives are suddenly becoming liberal and
changing stations. It's because shows like O'Reilly's lack broad appeal.

In Washington, D.C., O'Reilly's show was cut from WJFK-FM and replaced
with "The Sports Junkies."

Conservative talk has its place, as does liberal talk. I don't care
for either because most talk-show hosts like to lecture or get overly
passionate and scream.

Locally, Mike Rosen is far more interesting because, unlike O'Reilly,
he usually sticks to issues rather than belittling people with whom he

O'Reilly is in the same sphere as the Christian Broadcasting Network's
Pat Robertson, who in August called for the assassination of Venezuelan
President Hugo Chavez. Such comments turn off sensible people of all
political persuasions.

The bizarre, on-air tirades of O'Reilly are often hypocritical.

Lashing out against the city of San Francisco for having included on
the ballot a referendum that declared the city opposes military recruiting



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