Re: A few thoughts on Europe's "outrage" at US-run prisons in Eastern Europe.

On Mon, 07 Nov 2005 18:45:47 GMT, Bert Byfield
<BertByfield@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> If the leadership of the EU countries is so interested in UN
>> regulations, etc, and the "right" way of doing things, why are they
>> expressing outrage at US-run prisons in EASTERN Europe? The Eastern
>They don't like global gangsters. They especially don't want global
>gangsters running prisons, since people are tortured in that sort of

Could be because some suspects (Poland for example) are member states
in the Union. And some are applying for membership.

Older EU nationals have personal memories of WW2 and dictatorships, be
it Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or Franco, and therefore we perhaps value
freedom, liberty and "right way" of doing things (be it freedom of
speech, right to a fair trial or whatever), more than your average
American. Because you have had these for so long and take for
granted, you no longer value them. And gladly surrender some of your
freedom and principles because of some "war" on terror.

Like it or not, because the US no longer sets an example, the EU has
the duty to hold moral high ground.