By: Gordon Bishop

With liberals in control of the White House and United States
Congress, America's working class is bracing for the biggest tax
killer since our country was founded in 1776 by a Tax Revolt against
the British Empire for raising taxes on tea. Remember the Boston Tea

Well, Americans just celebrated another Boston Tea Party this year,
sending a sharp message to President Barack Hussein Obama to lower
taxes for the common worker, not hit them with an oppressive, huge tax
that will surely cripple our economy, according to Americans for Tax
Reform, based in Washington, D.C.

Over 40 percent of Americans will not only pay no income tax, but will
actually receive a "Redistribution of Wealth" check from our now
socialist government...while other Americans will pay nearly 60
percent of their income to the Obama government.

Obama has pledged to:

- Hike the income tax rate to 40 percent while phasing out almost all
personal exemptions and itemized deductions.

-Hike the capital-gains tax by 33 percent.

-Hike the tax on dividends by 33 prcent.

-More than double the top payroll-rate by 238 percent!

-Create a new tax surcharge of 7 percent to pay for his socialized
national medicine scheme.

-Reinstate the "Death Tax" (Estate Tax) with a new top marginal rate
of 45 percent.

-Hike the corporate tax burden by 25 percent.

And Obama, incredibly, presents all this as a "Tax Cut." We know he
smokes, but exactly WHAT is he smoking?

Meanwhile, Obama's floating proposals about government actually
confiscating retirement funds and pensions because "government knows
best" how to manage your retirement.

"With liberals controlling Congress, our only hope to stop the Obama
Tax Hike is to overwhelm Congress with opposition," urged the
Americans for Tax Reform (PO Box 96497, Washington, DC 20090-6497.)

"Coming from a man who admits his heroes are Marxists (Communists),
this is truly alarming -- but not as shocking as it is to look at the
tax plan he wants to ram through Congress, which most U.S. Senators
and Congressmen will not read from cover to cover," the Tax Reform
Americans asserted.

So many Congressmen and Senators won with narrow margins in last
November's presidential election, voters will think twice about
ignoring the clear outdcry of their constituents -- that's all of the
conservatives and independents and libertarians, which account for
more than half of America's voters.

Obama's Far Left liberals are destroying America's traditional
economic and social system that has served our country since its 1776
American Revolution (Tax Revolt).

Obama already has committed more taxpayers' money in spending than all
of his 43 predecessors, beginning with our founding father, George
Washington. In those days, there were no income taxes, sales taxes,
property taxes and countless fees and taxes that even today, the IRS
and Treasury Secretary cannot figure out in trying to balance our
federal government budget.

We are drowning in government debt, which is in the multiple trillions
of dollars. Obama's "stimulus packages" are borrowed money that must
be paid back by all of us and our children and grandchildren's
generations -- with at least trillions of dollars of interest.

This is insanity at its hellish worst!

"Bye, Bye, American Pie, Take the Chevy to the Levy and the Levy is
Dry..." Yes, America is dry. Our money has become worthless.

One of my favorite syndicated columnists is Walter Williams, professor
of economics at George Mason University and a brilliant, conservative
African American. Here's what Mr. Williams wrote in his June 22nd

"The path we're embarked upon, in the name of good, is a familiar one.
The unspeakable horrors of Nazism, Stalinism and Maoism did not begin
in the '30s and '40s with the men usually associated with those names.
Those horrors were simply the end result of a long evolution of ideas
leading to consolidation of power in central government in the name of
'social justice" (which Obama and his Chicago gang want).

"In Germany, it led to the Enabling Act of 1933: Law to Remedy the
Distress of the People and the Nation."

"After all, who could be against a remedy to relieve distress?

"Decent but misguided Germans, who would have cringed at the thought
of what Nazi Germany would become, succumbed to Hitler's charisma.

"Today's Americans, enticed perhaps enchanted, by charismatic
speeches, are ceding so much power to Washington, and like
yesteryear's Germans, are building the Trojan horse for a future
tyrant," Mr. Williams pointed out.

That tyrant can only be U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

Is Obama America's Hitler, giving us a fraudulent 'remedy to relieve

Just keep your eye closely on those 12 trillion dollars of "stimulus"
injections, which will surely bankrupt America!

Once again, dear readers, God Bless America!!!

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