Re: Good news for GOP: Carville predicts Dems will rule for 40 years

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Good news for GOP: Carville predicts Dems will rule for 40 years
By: Byron York
Chief Political Correspondent
05/06/09 9:24 AM
It's always a good sign for an out-of-power political party when its
winning rival begins to believe it will be in power not just for the
next term of office but virtually forever. It's the kind of
"permanent Republican majority" thinking that ultimately leads to
overconfidence and failure.

So now we have Democratic strategist/talking head James Carville's new
book, 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.
An email this morning from Carville's strategy group, Democracy Corps,

Every four years Americans hold a presidential election. Somebody wins
and somebody loses. That's life. But 2008 was an anomaly. The election
of President Barack Obama is about something far bigger than four or
even eight years in the White House. Since 2004, Americans have been
witnessing and participating in the emergence of a Democratic majority
that will last not four but forty years.

Democracy Corps promises that Carville will take on "the unpleasant
but edifying task of autopsying the Republican Party" and will go on
to explain "why Democrats are going to keep winning." There's no word
on why he believes Democratic victories might stop after 2048.

Forty years is a long time, nobody can predict that. Just a few years ago
Rove and others were predicting a permanent republican majority. That didn't
work out so well. Democrats would be wise to not get too cocky about their
status because the republicans or some new party from them can rise out of
the ashes and challenge the Dems. You know it's going to happen. A lot
hinges on Obama's success with the economy and most importantly on job
creation. If things are looking up two years from now, the Dems will stay in
power for at least the next election cycle. But, beyond that? who knows? One
thing is for sure, challenges to the Democrats will NOT come from the
present narrow thinking in the republican party but from new ideas born out
of the ashes. At some point this will dawn on the republican leadership or
others who will begin to lay the foundations for the future. Stay tuned.