The Bush Family and Sun Myung Moon

The Bush Family and Sun Myung Moon

Former President Bush and Sun Myung Moon's "Holy Wine" Ceremony

On this YouTube video, Unification Church president Michael Jenkins
explains how Sun Myung Moon ordered his subordinates to have former
president George H.W. Bush unwittingly participate in the Unification
Church's "Holy Wine" ceremony. Jenkins' discussion of how they slipped
the wine to the former president begins around the 2:30 point in the
video. The Bush/Holy Wine episode was first reported in John
Gorenfeld's book Bad Moon Rising. As I have mentioned, it is an
excellent book (Quick note: for those of you who don't want to watch
the entire seven-minute video, John Gorenfeld has an edited version on

The meaning of the Holy Wine Ceremony: According to Moon's theology,
those who participate in this ceremony become part of Moon's "blessed
family," giving the recipient what Moonies believe is a pure,
untainted "lineage." In Unification theology, "lineage" is a central
concept. Moon believes that Adam and Eve were perfected beings whose
lineage was corrupted by Eve's sexual seduction by Lucifer. Since the
Fall, humanity's blood line has been corrupted. Moon believes that
Jesus emerged to save humanity but failed because he was crucified
before he could fulfill his mission to marry and produce perfect
children. Moon believes that he is the second Messiah who will restore
humanity to its uncorrupted state and create the kingdom of heaven on
earth. Drinking the church-sanctioned wine is part of the process of
becoming, in Jenkin's words, "engrafted into the lineage of Heaven" by
separating from Satan's lineage and becoming one of Moon's "blessed
families"--the "chosen people" that Jenkins mentions near the end of
the video. As Moon himself claims, as a consequence of participating
in the Holy Wine Ceremony, "[y]ou are going to be in ultimate infinite
faith to God, to True Parents [Rev. Moon and his wife], grateful to
them and obedient to their will."

All in all, it was quite a coup for Moon, especially since the Moonies
were able to successfully violate Secret Service protocol. It also
allows leaders of the Unification Church to tell church members that a
former president is now supposedly obedient to Moon's will and how the
ingestion of the wine supposedly caused Bush the Elder to subsequently
give high praise to the Moon patriarch:

At one Moon-sponsored speech in Argentina in 1996, Bush declared, “I
want to salute Reverend Moon,” whom Bush praised as “the man with the
vision.” ...

``I want to salute Reverend Moon who is the founder of the Washington
Times and of the new paper here,'' said Bush, who was reported by the
Washington Post ..


People who support Moon's delusions, such as Neil Bush, are mere
dupes who are taking a ride with the Reverend for the sake of the
paychecks ...

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