Re: Patriot Games Explains Why Blacks Are Genetically Defective--Dems Fault

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> Patsy Games blathers:

>> >Seriously Patsy, we all know you're a bigot and believe Blacks are
>> >less human then you

> About 70%, yes. After nearly a CENTURY of Democrats ENSLAVING
> INBREEDING Blacks in Urban Slave Camps (ghettos) they HAVE BECOME LESS
> THAN NORMAL human beings. They are NOW genetically, intellectually,
> socially DEFECTIVE.

Barack Obama, Magna Cum Laude, Harvard Law School
Michelle Obama, Cum Laude, Princeton University.

Now tell us about your accomplishments

Sorry but PG's only accomplishments are once getting to 2nd base with
a cousin and proving just exactly how stupid he really is. But you
have to admit he's very adept at the latter.

They hang PG's picture up at the zoo to keep the monkeys from jacking off. There has to be something said for that.