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See Richard Cohen's discussion about a new nation, born during the
Bush administration's time.

Are you trying to claim this as a Bush victory?

The article does not even mention him --- but you present whatever
you want --- this is Usenet & kooks are still allowed here.

You clowns are always talking about what happened "on Bush's watch."
If you Google this newsgroup you'll find over 36,000 entries with
those words, all with text slamming the prez for something you
abhorred. Here's something you don't talk about, but it still
happened "on Bush's watch."

You're right. Kooks are allowed here. There are 36,000-plus entries
to prove it.

Yup -- here is what you posted in 2004 --


Kosovo. You remember that one. That's where Clinton and Blair bypassed
the UN Security Council and used NATO to bomb Serbia -- a sovereign
nation that did not militarily threaten any country in Europe at all
-- they bombed it for weeks, then they filled Kosovo, a province of
Serbia, with an occupying force. That force will be there for a
generation at the very least.

And liberals loved it all.

BaDaBoom. (rimshot)

It'll be interesting to see how Kosovo fares. It's a very small
nation, and if East Timor is any gauge, it'll be hard for Kosovars:

As the poorest nation in Asia, Timor-Leste faces daunting
challenges. Basic income, health, and literacy indicators
are among the lowest in Asia. Severe shortages of trained
and competent personnel to staff newly established
executive, legislative, and judicial institutions hinder
progress. Rural areas, lacking in infrastructure and
resources, remain brutally poor, and the relatively few
urban areas cannot provide adequate jobs for the country's
growing labor force. Many cities, including the country's
second largest, Baucau, lack routine electrical service.
Rural families' access to electricity and clean water is
very limited. Unemployment and underemployment combined are
estimated to be as high as 70%. While revenues from
offshore oil and gas reserves offer great hope for the
country, effective use of those resources will require a
major transformation of the country's current human and
institutional infrastructure. (Leftists are always
complaining about Iraqis not having a completely stable
infrastructure of electricity; here's a nation that never gets
mentioned in that complaint. Perhaps it's because Bush put Bill
Clinton in charge of the US response to the creation of East Timor?
But it's probably more that leftists aren't even aware of East

The key difference between the two nations is location, of course.
Kosovo can petition to join the EU and tag along with wealthy
western Europe; but it is landlocked, unlike East Timor. Hopefully
the first condition will make it a success.