Re: We're doomed

Al Smith wrote:
The world will have to endi its growth in carbon emissions withing 7 years and become mostly free of carbon-emitting technologies in about 4 decades to avoid killing as many as a quarter of the planet's species says the Intervoernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Ah, no. You are worrying yourself about something that won't happen. Relax. Open a brew. Watch the Steelers on TV.


"James Watt told the U.S. Congress that protecting natural resources was unimportant in light of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. In public testimony he said, "after the last tree is felled, Christ will come back."

Maybe there is a method to this madness. Maybe Watt was prescient. We have a situation that scientists say needs to be resolved by 2015 or we're screwed.

I know man well enough to know that man won't do a damn thing in the next 8 years to change things. So we're screwed.

So why not have a WWIII? And let's all meet this guy Jesus. Just for fun, let's also have a war over the thing that gives us global warming so we can speed the process up even more.

It seem ludicrous to be fighting each other with a world wide clamity coming at us. It's like children playing on the beach as the tsumai strikes.

Except, there is no world-wide natural disaster ahead of us. Not one due to global warming, which is a natural cycle and is doing far more good than harm. We may face environmental problems for other reasons, but global warming won't be a problem.

You've taken the blue pill, good buddy. You've swallowed all the fantasy about global warming, and now you've frightened yourself. For nothing.

Global warming is an industry. It's paying for a lot of grants, a lot of books, a lot of television shows, a lot of government-funded studies. There is a vested interest in keeping the old global warming cash cow on its feet as long as possible, so that it can be milked dry. But it's all bullshit.

I repeat, the present minor warming trend is part of a natural climate cycle, and it will do far more good than it will do harm.