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How They Did It
By Kimberly Kagan
The Weekly Standard | Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The surge of operations that American and Iraqi forces began on June
15 has dramatically improved security in Baghdad and throughout Iraq.

Proving for all to see that the US occupation of Iraq
will be permanent since Iraqis refuse to provide their
own security as longs as Americans will do it for them.

Remember "we will stand down as they stand up"?

What happened?

They're standing up. attack the US and their own government.

It's only been five years.

Longer than WWI. Longer that WWII. Longer than the
Civil War. Longer than Korea. Just how long is too long
in your book?

How long did it
take the Germans and Japanese to stand up and fully defend

The Germans and Japanese were never attacking
their own government.

Mitchell Holman

If Bush has his way and never withdraws troops during his
presidency (as he said on March 21, 2006) the Iraq War will
last for at least 70 months, exceeded only by Vietnam as the
longest US war in the last 200 years.