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"If Senator Clinton is unable to generate tremendous enthusiasm among
women voters she is unlikely to win."
A Failure of Politics
By Mortimer Zuckerman
Posted September 22, 2007
Who will speak for America?

Nobody in the Republican or Democratic parties when we contemplate the
disheartening result of the recent congressional appearances by Gen. David
Petraeus. Both parties responded as if Iraq were nothing more than an item
in a political debate instead of an issue of supreme national importance.
Both pandered to their political base. Both were hostage to special interest
groups that did their best to discourage bridging the partisan gulf,
threatening primary challenges against anyone who opposed their shrill

The result was incendiary rhetoric. Republicans attacked Democrats for
advocating a "cut and run" policy. Democrats attacked the president, his
policies, and even the integrity and honesty of General Petraeus ("General
Betray Us," the newspaper ad described him) as if he required "a willing
suspension of disbelief," in Sen. Hillary Clinton's words. No one can
imagine this performance changing as we draw closer to the primaries for
both parties in January and later.
The major blame for this sad collapse of American political discourse lies
with the president. He has lost his moral authority. He has lost the
public's trust on this issue, partly because of the erroneous intelligence
about weapons of mass destruction, the incompetent management of the war,
and the intense partisanship of his administration. It is no surprise that a
poll finds only 5 percent of the public trusts the president to wrap up the
war. The equally partisan Democratic-controlled Congress does not do much
better-only 21 percent trust lawmakers to do it. These support levels are
tantamount to a vote of no confidence. Only the military is trusted-by some
68 percent.