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The president has played squishy middle-man on illegal
immigration. He needs to propose a wall 2,000 miles long, not a
temporary deployment of a few National Guardsmen.

The president signed McCain-Feingold, an unconstitutional
prohibition of free speech. And he has let the Republican
Congress, backed by the Dems, to spend our tax dollars in
profligacy. The president signed the Farm Bill, an execrable
law that puts
money in Sam Donaldson's pocket. Under this president, the
budget for the Department of Education has balooned.

* * * *

Having said that, Bush gets my support. Unlike the Left and
wishy-washy Democrats, politicians who are horrified by NSA's
listening to Americans talk to Al Qaeda and at the same time
want Bush to keep doing it, Bush understands the danger that Al
Qaeda and extreme Muslims pose to the West. He is a preserver
of civilization, and a preserver of our freedoms.

* * * *

A lot of leftists in this group make statements about boot
polish, goosestepping with Bush, worshiping Bush, and so forth.
This tells us how much they actually know about politics; to
them it's worth nothing more than caricature. They are not
willing to argue the issues, but spend all their time
ridiculing and denigrating. They are sophomoric, avoiding
honest debate about issues.

It's their loss, intellectually and electorally.
No, all you said was, you bought the politics of fear-mongering.
Just because other people don't share your petty fears and
inscurities and the
fact that you need a "big brother" to protect you from harm does
not make them wrong.
Actually, I addressed the issues. Your post doesn't. That's
exactly my point about leftists. They don't deal in issues. They
deal in character assassination and ad hominem. But no issues.

Yet Williamson has -- at last count --- called 674 posters "Bush
Here's a question for you: Do you hate Bush?

not relevant.

You really are an intellectual lightweight.

Let's see, somewhere in this thread it was you who was talking about your
opponents not dealing with the issues and resorting to ad hominem.....

The hypocrisy of the Bush-worshipping right wing knows no end.


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