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BTW I am far from being a pro.

I have a friend who is a pro in as much as 'he does it for a living' :) but
he doesn't take amazing photos like you guys do. To my mind you are the
'real' pros in that you do it for the love of it and you do it better than
anyone I've ever seen before. I look at all your photos when I can and every
time I do, I learn something. My friend who is a full-time photographer is
more into weddings and public events with the odd catalog and model shoot,
but he's not the arty type and goes about his job in a rather mundane sorta
way. He's good at what he does, but you guys are more interesting!

Thank you.
Don't knock your friend's, work. A successful event and product photographer requires a different skill set. Earning a living in photography is tough, especially when everybody thinks uncle Joe can easily do the wedding.