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: On Sat, 30 Jul 2011 13:55:21 -0400, PeterN
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: >Perhaps "no soap radio" is a New York thing. The point is that is isn't
: >funny, but everybody but one laughs like mad. they are all in on the
: >joke, except for the one person who doesn't laugh.
: >
: ><>
: Never heard of this before. Reading the Wiki article, though,
: indicates that it is a set-up thing requiring others in the group to
: be "insiders". There is no connection to the shaggy dog joke concept
: as far as I can tell.
: The only time I have ever been completely out-of-the-loop joke-wise
: was years ago at "Mr Kelly's" (a Chicago Rush Street nightclub) when
: my wife and I went to see a famous Jewish comedian*. The crowd was
: primarily Jewish, and many of the jokes were delivered with Yiddish
: punch lines.
: The Jews in the crowd would laugh, and then "translate" and pass along
: the translations to the goyim. We'd be laughing at a joke when the
: comedian was well into the next joke.
: *It's been years, and I can't remember if it was Shecky Greene,
: Jackie Mason, or Jack E. Leonard. "Famous Jewish comedians" covers
: almost all famous comedians.

The best, by far, was Benjamin Kubelsky.