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I wouldn't list anything on Craigslist. I really don't like the idea
of anyone coming to my home to see an item. You can meet them in a

I've done it many times. Indeed on one lot (PC cards) I also sold the
PC 'cause he could take a look at it. (Dead motherboard). I don't mind
them coming to the house at all.

Yeah, but you're Canadian. Everyone knows that Canadians are nice
people. I'd let a Canadian stranger into the house, but not an
American stranger.

Canadians with rude habits like house invasion, robbery and thuggery are
growing, alas.

eBay is a gamble, but auction-type listings are free. You only pay if

You can also set a minimum price though I don't think sellers use that
as much. Years ago the selling strategy of many sellers seemed to be
set the opening at an attractive price, but the minimum higher - that at
least would get the bidding started. I don't think sellers use the
minimum as much any more.

I don't follow that. In an auction-style listing, the opening price
is the minimum price. That's where the bidding starts. No one can
bid lower than the opening price.

In ebay you can set a Reserve (I used the wrong term (minimum) above) so
that if bidding does not rise to the Reserve price, then you have no
obligation to sell below the Reserve. Above the Reserve (or no-reserve)
the seller has the obligation to sell if the buyer pays.

Nor do you have to reveal the reserve.

Oh, OK. I forgot about the Reserve option. I don't use it, and don't
bid on items with a Reserve. I think it's ridiculous for a seller to
have one with the new deals eBay is offering for free auction-style
listings. At one time, there was a insertion fee based on the opening
bid amount, and a Reserve was a way to minimize the insertion fee.

When there's a hidden Reserve, it usually means the seller is fishing
for the market value of an item. He'll set a 99 cent opening price
and a high Reserve and watch to see how high the bids go. Then, if
the item doesn't sell, he'll re-list with an opening price at the
upper range of the bids placed on the earlier auction.

I don't believe that. For a given item in a given period there is one
strike price. So fishing with reserve has no effect on the ultimate

What I said was that fishing for price is determining in advance what
the opening price should be when the item is re-listed as a regular
auction item.

Let's say you have something that doesn't have a comparable history of
eBay sales for and you don't know what the item might bring on eBay.
You'd like to get in the range of $500 for it but you're not sure that
it will go for that.

If you list it for a very low starting price, the item may go for far
less than you want. If you list it at $500, you may get no bids.

So, you list it with an opening price of 99 cents and a $500 reserve.
The bidding goes up to $350 and stops there. That somewhat
establishes the price point. It's quick and dirty, but it's better
than nothing. It shows you that your $500 figure was too optimistic.

You then list it as a regular auction item with a starting price of
$300 to $325. You want some bidding because bids attract bids.

The alternative is to list it at $500, re-list it at a lower figure if
it doesn't sell, and repeat as needed. That can take several weeks.

This may be a tactic that you don't believe *in*, but is a tactic that
you can believe was used. It's not something that's done regularly,
but it could be useful for the seller of an item where the seller has
no ability to determine the price point for the opening bid any other

eBay has changed in the last few years. I've been selling on eBay
since June, 2000. I used to give and get feedback on almost all
sales. I get feedback on about one out of ten sales now. I have
enough (285) that I don't really care, though.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida

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