Re: Full Frame Canon DSLR?

"Dallas" <Cybnorm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Charles E Hardwidge wrote:

I'm still waiting for an explanation of why FF cameras are so
expensive especially after the market has increased so much.

Cameras are computers with a lens connected to them. A bigger sensor
requires faster, more expensive processors, more and faster RAM. A
larger sensor scales up everything.

I'm familiar with all those costs (and plant and design costs) which is
(paradoxically) why I'm questioning them. I've learned over the years that
when you hit an event horizon like that someone is A) Lying, or B) Lazy. I'm
not convinced and no manager worth their salt would be.

The economics of this is slightly odd. There's issues with competition, the
rolling R&D and plant costs, and expansion of the market. It's like
insurance in the UK. According to doctrine it should get cheaper. The
reality is it failed and there's lots of hidden costs and inefficiencies.

This also has public policy implications for consumption led growth and
employment, and quality of life and spending patterns.

Charles E Hardwidge