Re: Problem Printing Photos With HP-8250 and Picasa 3.8

Joel wrote:
Mort<mort@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Whatever the WORD the program may use just *DO NOT* crop which is the
wrong option (you can manually crop the image to your liking but do not
allow the program do it).

The other option is to SAVE to specific size (W x H) or Ratio Aspect etc..
If it has the Print Preview then try to view first (sometime or some program
may not give the true preview so be careful).

- Your printer, when print you may double check to make sure you chose the
correct paper size. Other than that I cánt think of anything else could
cause the problem

Hi Joel,

Thanks again for your input. You hit the nail on the head about my
problem without knowing it. I can choose either shrink to fit or crop to
fit. Until a few weeks ago, I got what I chose. Now however, when I
choose shrink to fit, it nevertheless prints crop to fit. It suddenly
seems to ignore my request. I have not changed any software, and my
printer drivers (HP 8250) are up to date. Why? GOK.


You still need to gorget the idea Crop-To-Fit as that's what it's doing.

- PRINT to FIT is telling the software to shrink the whole DATA to fit on
single page. Most (not all) graphic program should print to Ratio Aspect,
and some graphic program may not shrink to fit single page.

- CROP to FIT, CROP also mean CUT/CHOP OFF so you tell the software to CHOP
OFF anything larger than the paper size.

When you understand that CROPPING is a BIG NO NO, then you can pay more
attention to the PRINTING issue.

- I have mentioned that the printer has nothing to do with it *but* it can
be part of the problem. So,

- When you tell Picasa to Print_To_Fit you may want to pay closer attention
to the "Paper Size", Print_Mode (Landscape/Portrait). IOW, if the paper is
8x10" and you tell Picasa to Print-To-Fit to 10x12" then it may have to chop
off some part of the photo.

- To reduce the research about either Picasa or Printer, you may want to
print using different program just to find out if it's the Printer or
Picasa. It has nothing to do with driver (I don't think)

- *If* other program says that your printer is OK, then you may want to
check with the *version* of Picasa see if it's any BUG. Or try newer or
older Picasa version see if it's the problem.

Hi Joel,

Thanks again for your kind attempts to help me. I think that sometimes we are writing at cross purposes, so please allow me to recap what has happened. (I'm an experienced photographer, printer, and PC user, and know which buttons to push.)

Until a few weeks ago, everything worked fine. However, this is what happened spontaneously, with no change in hardware, software, or button pushing:

With 4x6 and 5x7 prints, the ones that I print most often, suddenly, when I click on "shrink to fit", the onscreen image is indeed the shrunken one. However, as soon as I click on the print icon, the screen image reverts to cropped and it prints cropped. It does this in all 3 of my PCs with Picasa. However, with 8x10" prints, it does shrink to fit with printing. Why indeed.

My big problem is this:
1) I have thousands of images on my hard drive, all sharpened, cropped as needed, color corrected, and corrected for horizontal or vertical. If I switch to other photo software, then I would have to re-work those several thousand images, which I do not wish to do.
2) Picasa has the supreme advantage of copying my pix from "my pictures" and then all my editing is done on the copies. The originals remain, pristine and lossfree. If I screw up in Picasa, I still have my clean original images to fall back on. That happened once, when pix of a friend's wedding were deleted in Picasa, but I still had all the originals on my H.D.

The Picasa blog has half a dozen posts from people who have my symptoms exactly, so I suspect that the newest version of Picasa is to blame,and not my PCs or printer. I cannot find an older version of Picasa to download. I am just stuck.

Again, thank for your efforts to help, and to the other posters who tried as well.I really do appreciate it.