Re: Problem Printing Photos With HP-8250 and Picasa 3.8

Mort <mort@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I do a lot of amateur photography, and recently ran into a sudden new
problem. When I choose a photo to print, there is the choice of "shrink
to fit" or "crop to fit". Inasmuch as the crop often cuts off
hands/feet, I frequently choose the shrink option. However, for the past
several weeks, after I click on the shrink icon, the properly shrunken
image appears on screen, but when I click on the print icon, the screen
image reverts to the cropped view, and it also prints the cropped view.

I would just switch to a different program. Irfanview is a free image
viewer which can also be used to print your pictures either singly or in
batches. In the print preview just choose "best fit" (which is the default
I think) and everything should be fine. (If that doesn't work then the
problem must be your printer driver after all since it would be the only
thing common to both programs.)