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: OK!
: Now please explain why this is not spam.

Because it's in no way different from the way Gianni Mattera calls attention
to his business, and none of us consider him a spammer, AFAIK.

Not really. Giovanni is running a blog as a means of sharing his work. He is not blatantly soliciting business if you exclude the link to the restaurant.

What the Lamberts posted here, as a URL to a commercial site, is an obvious attempt to get photographic business from exposure in this NG.

We have at least two other examples of contributors to this group in the last year, who do not hail from India or China who started out as obvious spammers. One dropped out quite quickly, the other we lived with until he gave up last week.
I speak of the individual calling himself "Corporate Photographer London" < > and our cruising pal John Sisker. Both started out hinting they were just looking for conversational advise. With their second posts the spam was obvious.
Sisker even had the nerve to present himself and his wife as freelance photography specialists with their laughable "Pose & Go Photography" site
< >, and his attempts to get cruise business.

I see the Lamberts as no different, so I am calling it SPAM>

And I hope you didn't think I was spamming when I mentioned that I took
several of the pictures on the City of Cambridge's Web site.


Not at all. I have no objection to any photographer, amateur or pro who presents their work. The City of Cambridge web site is not corporate or individual spam it is what it is. A site providing information for the city.

I also have no objection to seeing images posted by an obvious pro who is sharing his or her work in a site or gallery designed to do that, or posting individual shots to demonstrate a point. For example these, even though some have purchase options in the blog or gallery are not spam:
< >
< >
< >
< >

It is that next leap to the blatant solicitation I object to.