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In our travels around, we have come across some interesting looking
fireplaces. Here are three just as a start. Have you come across any that
you think are not only interesting, but would also make for a interesting
photograph in itself?

John Sisker - Huntington Beach, California

The fireplaces I photograph are much manlier than yours.

Bed springs don't burn very well, but I bet they lost their temper.


The guy that owns that place fries those bed springs,
and other stuff, and then throws them in the lake in
front of the house.
Plants up grow around them, and act as bedding areas
for the fish. He lives on Lake Palestine in central
He has a really nice place there. Made me jealous.. :/
He's got a real nice house he built himself, and is a
fishing and hunting guide. But he also was working
construction building new grocery stores.

There are several fireplaces. There is another one for
campfire type fires in front of the house. It's actually
bigger than it looks in that picture.
But he even has one on his front porch outside of
the house. Like I say, he built that house, and added
the extras himself. He's standing up on the patio
in the blue shirt. Note the fireplace in the wall to
left of the doors. As I recall, there are also some
fireplaces in the house that may share that same
The lake runs right up to his yard.
One view standing in the yard next to the water.
The house is to the right and behind me a bit.
This was taken standing up near that porch.
This one too..
He fried up some venison that was some of the
best I ever ate.. He has a killer fishing boat there,
and also ATV's, etc.. He looks kinda like Junior
Samples, but he was sharp as a tack.
He's married to one of the nieces of the guy
I work with.
The big pit with the springs in it is actually for
cooking meat. Note the rotisserie which can be
raised and lowered.