Re: Signs to Everywhere

On 2010-12-05 21:23:00 -0800, "John Sisker" <jsisker@xxxxxxxxxxx> said:

See, I knew you would just hate these.

Not hate. I just think they are not very good. They are not worth the emotional investment to hate.

And in spite of all the sideline comments, photography is still subjective.

....and unfortunately you ever do is apply subjectivety to your work. You first need to bring your work up to the level that it transcends your own classification of "snapshot". For you subjectivety is an alibi for bad photography.

And yes, this is a game,


and where others are afraid of play in fear of being sanctioned,

Fear of being sanctioned?
I don't see any sanction appied to Tony's sign images, or mine.
I see not sanction applied to you images, criticism yes, but sanction? It seems you are unaware of the meaning of the word "sanction" Check a dictionary sometime.

that doesn't bother me.

Doesn't bother you! Apparently not.

Yet, this one image does seems to sum up just how some have perceived this. But, not to worry, I'm certainly am not out for the count.

....and even though I can picture where this sign was located, corny as it is, this is the best of the bunch.

John Sisker - Huntington Beach, California