Re: Blue Sky's?

On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 22:25:25 -0700, "John Sisker"
<jsisker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In these threads came a suggestion that was actually the simple solution I
was looking for. By locking in and focusing on a higher or hopefully bluer
part of the sky, then repositioning to better pose the picture, this gives
the sky that blue hue I was looking for. Since an overcast sky tends to
overexpose the scene a bit, a fill-in flash may be required to bring out
some of the shadow areas.

John, I think you've made photographic history. Or, a least your
camera has. A camera that has the ability to capture the color in one
part of the sky and change the rest of the sky to that color has
capabilities not available on other cameras. Your camera is unique if
the focus mechanism incorporates a color search. Your camera is even
more unique if the flash is powerful enough to reach the clouds.

I'm sure you will be supplying links to photographs that prove this
amazing and unprecedented photograph marvel.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida