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Linux system when a problem occurs (and they do). A Mac just works.

In 16 months of Mac OS X I've had precisely 0 issues. All s/w
installs are simple to the point of being ridiculously easy, fast and
problem free.
I wish I got paid every time I've had to sort out a problem on my
neighbour's Mac.

I use PC's (6) Mac's (2) and a Sun Sparc The Mac's are far more reliable
than the PC's

Funny thing about PCs. They are popular because the Asians make cheap parts for them. Cheap and nasty in many cases. I have 4 of them and I spent large on the components I built them with. I use my workstation every day of the year. The last one ran for 3 years and only popped a display card.

This one has run with it's water cooled RAM and CPU plus a Video card that cost as much as Photoshop CS 4 itself, since it was built in November last year. Not a single hic-cup.

The accounts PC ran continuously (switched off at night and weekends) for 6 years and never missed a beat. It too was a "no expense spared" build.

None of the others which all run Windows XP SP3, have missed a beat since I moved into my present studio in 2006 either. The one lone Apple Mac I have which I bought off the shelf at Office Works for my grand children so they had compatibility with the computers at school, has been replaced once and had a technician out twice since I bought it in the middle of last year.

All PC problems can be traced back to junk hardware. Most prominent is the flake they call a power supply. Whatever it's rated at is false. When I owned the Linux Shop and Healthy PCs service centre, I used to replace the caps in them if a PC crashed and they never came back.

Like cars and just about everything else... You get what you pay for. 95% of unreliable PC were the cheapest the owners could buy. Human nature says buy cheap and yell loud when it crashes.

Same thing with cars as computers How many Photoshop users ignored Adobe's recommendations for a graphics card because it cost as much as the software and then posted complaints about poor performance?