Re: Digital Cam vs Conventional

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Are digital cameras better then conventional cameras?

Well, most of us think digital camera is the way to go, and few others
think film is around 40 Meg Pixel compare to digital.

So pick your choice or pick the team you wanna believe.

You can shoot film, and scan the negs. Perhaps this is the best of
both worlds. The control that you have with Photoshop can never be
matched in the darkroom.

I also found out that you can miss a lot of good shots when you start
with 35mm contact sheets. I scanned old B&W negs and found some
really good shots that I never even printed off a contact sheet.

The one big advantage of digital is that you can see if you have the
exposure correct on the spot. Even experienced photographers screw up
difficult exposures. I have more than a few nice shots that are
virtually unprintable. With film, you never really know until it's