Re: keywords, categorizing and collections/sets

Savageduck wrote:
On 2009-03-21 05:54:22 -0700, Jeff <jeff_thies@xxxxxxx> said:

I'm working on my online image viewer and it seems to me that organizing images is the hard part.

Who uses a program like "Light Room" or "Bridge" to categorize images? How do you use it?

My goal is to take such encoded data and use it as an optional tool to manage the online images. Ie, to be able to use the existing keywording and other marking.

I'm just getting started on this, I imagine that this is encoded in the EXIF data along with camera settings, is that right?


That is a major fearure with Lightroom & Bridge. Keywords can be set for events, locations, people/clients and any criteria you choose.
With both Bridge & Lightroom assigning intitial keyword(s) to a shoot, and then adding other keywords for individual images as you work on them allows you to do searches based on keywords or groups of keywords and can simplify cataloging.

All this info goes into the metadata.

I've had some time to look at the metadata. It's stored embedded in the image in xml/rdf.

I don't have Lightroom installed yet (I have downloaded it). Does it have a facility to export reduced sized jpegs, and I assume that the metadata is preserved?