Hi Piotr, Colin and Frank!

Thank you very much for your appreciation and feedback!

1)The bad quality results from beeing only scans from a negative.
Maybe i downsized them also to much :)
All pictures were taken with an borrowed Canon Eos 300. I myself dont
own a camera.

2) There are captions under the pictures, but you are right maybe a
report about my trip would be better. I also thought of maybe putting
in a map of both countries. But sadly i have a major exam in near
future and no time to do so.

From both trips i liked greenland the best. The people there are very
kind and i was invited very often for tea, fishing and hunting. My
personal highlights were the sleeping sled puppy suprise in my tent
and eating an raw sealeye. haahah.

Svalbard somehow disappointed me. Way to touristic. Sure it was an
adventure hiking arround and hopeing not entcountering an polar bear
but i somehow i didnt feel the same magic as with greenland.

cheers andy