Re: Ah, those were the days, going offtopic with WordPerfect Re: ping Floyd

Mr. Strat wrote:
I remember when WordPerfect was the king of the DOS world.

OK so far. I don't think it ever got above about 55% of the market, but it did rule for quite a while, and I don't think many would try to argue that Word had more technical ability.

But when
Windows 3.1 came out and became popular, they were late to the game.

Still OK.

And it seemed like they never really "got" Windows.

Took them several years, but the product eventually became very usable. And certainly powerful.

And everybody who's
had the product since then has sucked with it. That's why it has about
.00001% market's a crappy product.

That's just silly. I can cite the fact that WordPerfect still held approximately 15% of the word-processing market in 2006 - did they lose all that and drop to your claimed levels in just two years? Can you back up your silly number or is it just supposed to be funny?

I know everything revolves around you and your realm of experience, Randall, but perhaps next time you pass by a legal office or medical centre (esp at the higher end, like research centres, medical publishers, etc), you may wish to lean over the desk and take a peek, or else just ask them nicely what they use, whether they think it is crappy, and why they aren't using Word...