Re: ping Floyd

On Wed, 09 Jul 2008 11:07:18 -0600, "Russell D." <rmd@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Floyd L. Davidson wrote:

Horrors, no! (I'm one of those Unix Weenies, who has
never willingly run an Microsoft OS, or application, in
my whole life! :-)

Just for the record Floyd, WordPerfect was not a Windows app. It started
out on CPM then ran on DOS, Unix, OS2 and then later Windows. Up until
recently I was using it on a older Linux (Red Hat 6.x) box. Sadly, now
the only easy way to get it is for Windows. It was and still is the best
word processor ever made and I'm talking about the 5.1 version for DOS.

There, glad we got that cleared up. :-)

Correct. I purchased WordPerfect for use on an Archives CPM machine
and stayed with them through various upgrades. When Corel bought
them, problems started. My Version 10.0 started to sputter on XP and
Corel wouldn't address the problems. They demand that you upgrade.
Since 10.0 had all of the features that I need, I switched to Open

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida