Re: Do all Canon FD lenses fit the A1?

"Graham" <graham@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Many thanks for the clear and concise reply. What you have said checks out
with the two lenses I have had for years. One is a Canon 35-70 zoom with
the bayonet mount and the other a 300mm telephoto with the silver collar
design you described.

Many thanks for clearing this up for me. I now know what to look for with
more confidence. I was going to buy the f 1.4 Canon 50mm FD lens for £45
as I've always wanted a really bright, fast lens having had the dark
f3.5 - 4.5 35-70mm zoom all these years. I suppose I could go for a f 1.8,
but tempted to get the 1.4. I am no expert in photography, but at least in
theory I understand the f1.4 is more than just a marginal amount brighter
than the 1.8. However, in practice I don't know if it will really make
much difference (IE allowing me to use fast shutter speed to prevent
camera shake blurring in low light). As I said I am very much an amateur,
but dabbled for many, many years.

The f/1.4 is marginally better than the f/1.8, but sometimes that fractional
stop is all you need. All other things being equal, if you can afford the
f/1.4, buy it. Or you could save your pennies (pence?) for an f/1.2.

For more info about your camera and the lens options once available, check
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