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> Pumper Hinkle wrote:

<snip>> So, For those of you who have abandoned film in favor of the
>> and have gotten rid of their film cameras, what regrets do you have? >> If
>> any?
> If quality of image is not a consideration go strictly digital. It is
> more convenient and less costly.

I am hoping not to get into a religious war, but IMNVHO good quality digital
has arrived.
Digital is now being used by many professional photo artists and medical
documentators. The only dinosaur area left is is advertising and one well
known creative director I know well tells me their photographers are
starting to go digital. (think Hasselblad.)

Hehehe you may better hope those day-dreamers get a real job when the
interviewer asks about the difference between 35mm film vs digital camea

You mean the hiring managers aren't asking for portfolios?
I guess there's still hope for me.



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