Re: Small Apertures and Neutral Density Filters

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I've noticed that many point-and-shoots have a minimum aperture of about
f-8. If a guy wanted to increase the depth of field beyond that provided
by this aperture, would a neutral density filter work?

My Canon A720 can be fitted with an adapter that will accept filters,
etc, so I'm wondering if a neutral density filter would increase the
depth-of-field, or whether it would just slow down the shutter.


A neutral density filter will have no effect on the depth of field by
itself. Only the aperature setting will dtermine depth of field.
Obviously, if the ND filter causes the lens to open up, depth of field
will decrease.

So, a neutral density filter would be the tool to use if a guy wanted to
decrease the depth-of-field while maintaining a particular shutter speed?
Or, it would be used to maintain a particular aperture / shutter speed while
moving up an ISO range (perhaps to get a grainier appearance with faster

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