Re: Plug-and-Play Camera

Nobody forced you to install the extra software and windows would happily see the memory card when inserted and offload the contents etc. Don't blame the availability of application software for your inability to comprehend its necessity. Sorry but there's truly nothing that's idiot proof.

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ray wrote:
On Fri, 25 Jan 2008 23:15:34 -0500, support wrote:

I am looking for a simple digital camera that:

1. Takes pictures in JPEG format.
2. Does not need any additional software to retrieve images

You help is much appreciated in advance.


So what is the problem? Virtually every camera available for sale meets those criteria.

Any? It's a welcome news ... for me. I will try tomorrow at Sam's.

I just bought a new computer. Installed 300 meg of software for my Canon G3. Windows tells me that the camera is installed, but Canon's own ZoomBrowser can't see any camera. I rather buy a new simple camera than keep fighting with software.

Thanks for the help.