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: You do? Why tell us?

Good old Unicorn Cadaver! If he doesn't have an expressible opinion
he hasn't actually looked at the pictures), he just belches out a few
words on general principle.

For the record, Unic, I like his work a lot better than yours.


Thanks Bob. I'm just an amateur photographer, trying to get some
critics to improve my work.. :)


Yes and i've done just that.

Ok ill say your pics are the best i've seen for a long time, thats what you
want to hear right, or you wouldn't post on here.

No. That's useless information. I want to know how I can improve my
photo's (I'm just an amateur, I know they're not the best shots ever).

The major thing about digital photography is that any herbert can buy a
digital camera and pertend to be the best, the real and unfortunate truth is
that you are not and you pictures at present aren't very good and need
work.... next..-
Ok, so, how can I improve?