Re: Don't Feed the Troll [was Re: just joined this group]

"Burt Johnson" <burt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I spent the weekend at Mono Lake, to return and see this troll-fest
having gone into overtime.

Isn't obvious by now that UraniumFace is a troll that has no interest in
really partipating? I have him on killfile, so only see responses to
him, and even those are overwhelming.

It is clear that nobody is going to change his mind, nor is he going to
join the human race. The best we can all do is place him on a
collective killfile, and let him die into the sunset, where he belongs.

- Burt Johnson
MindStorm, Inc.

PUH-LEEZE! I hold sunsets in too high regard to think of Uranium befowling
one of them.