Re: just joined this group

UC wrote:
On Oct 2, 3:03 pm, "\(not quite so\) Fat Sam"
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UC wrote:
On Sep 23, 10:49 pm, "Not4wood" <no_mgottes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I just ran across this group and checked it out for the first time.

I can't believe all the hostility in and around something thats
supposed to be a creative art form. LOL

Photography is not art and cannot be art.

define art.

Something made with the hand of man...photographs are works of nature,
not works of art. there is in principle no difference between a fossil
and a photograph.

That's the biggest load of uneducated and poorly-opinionated rubbish it ias
ever been my amusement to read.
Thank you for such a good laugh.