Re: Image stabilization for P&S cameras

Walter R. wrote:

>"Richard Polhill" wrote:
>> Some simply push the ISO up if the shutter speed is low.
>> Others take a stream of shots (BestPic or similar) and select the sharpest
>> automatically.
>> True IS is optical and involves moving the lens elements or the sensor to
>> correct camera shake.
>> I have a Canon G7 that has true IS.
That's interesting. How can I tell from the specifications if they fake it?

If the specs of the camera quote "digital" stabilisation, then I would be suspicious and if there was no boasting about either optical stabilisation (such as Olympus "OIS") or sensor shift stabilisation (such as Pentax "Shake Reduction") on either the manufacturere's website or on the side of the box (if you see a digicam in a shop).

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