Re: D200 discontinued at Costco...hmmm..

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I've been looking at the D200 lately and found that Costco has just about the best *legitimate" price out there at about $1550. That was last week. This week, it's no longer on the website.

I stopped down :) to Costco yesterday and was told that they no longer carry it. They did have a big display of the D40 though.

Kind of makes you wonder if the D200 is about to be replaced with the D200S or D300. Or maybe the D200 was at the wrong price point for Costco.

I don't suppose anybody has any ideas about that?


Is this price for the body or with a lens. If body only, $1550 + tax
is no bargain.

This looks like a good deal:

That deal looks too good to be true. But it is Amazon.

The item is listed on but not stocked by or shipped from Amazon otherwise I'd jump on it before they corrected the error!! Following the availability link reveals that price from only one of 3 sources that list it as new but that one instruct you to call them before ordering. The result of that call would likely be to find out the deal is good to be true.I can hear it now, "That package is on backorder but we can offer you in this comparable (in price but surely not quality) package. The other two sources listed at that link show the typical price of approx. $2300.00 and one of those is Adorama which is sort of known for bait and switch but in this case has a normal listing price.

Call them and see what they say!


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