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- how would you distinguish appropriate free usage of your
photographs? Ok, its fair enough to think that a group of school kids
were using my cute penguin picture for their school project.

But what if suddenly I realise that the same photo has been downloaded
from my flickr account and is being used on the front cover of a best
selling book, and I hadnt been credited for it or paid for it?

What if my cute penguin picture was being used in a racist or hate-
mongering campaign, or to promote a product I really didnt believe in?

Where do you draw the line?


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Don't sell yourself short. And don't let people walk over you.

(No offence taken)

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Stan Beck wrote:
I've worked all of my life, and I always expected to get paid for my

I did oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, and I got paid when I sold
them. One or two months work is too much to give away for free.

Photography is the same. If I spend several thousands of dollars on
camera equipment, spend time learning the art, and spend time and money
on gas, mileage on my car and hotel lodging to do photography, the money
has to come from someplace. (Oh, and the copyright exists from the minute
the photograph is created.)

Have you thought of telling your boss that you enjoy your work, and don't
feel like you should be accepting money for it?

Just my two cents.

Ah...but will people pay for most photographs ? Unlikely, only those very
few. It depends on your perspective, an amateur like me would love to get
paid for my photos, but it is unlikely I ever will -:)

No hard feelings intended.

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