Re: newbie question: with winter right around the corner..........

Pat wrote:
Yes. And the electronics can too.

It is best to keep it in your photo bag or something similar and let it
warm up slowly. Sometimes you can't help it and don't worry about it,
but if you can do it slowly, it is worth it.

Once things are up to room temp, check you gab once in a while and make
sure you aren't getting condensation in it. If it's a tight bag with
lots of stuff jammed in, it's good to let things air out.

Smed wrote:
hello... im shooting with a Canon digital Rebel and have a quick question
about shooting in winter months...

im in Missouri and the winters can get pretty brutal but also give
opportunity for great shots... my question is if i take my camera out of the
bag from my warm vehicle, will the lens get covered in fog like eye glasses
do?... i realize i should avoid breathing on the lens, but will just the
difference in temperatures be enough to fog the shot?...

thanks for any help.... i have a million other questions but i'll try to
limit myself to one a day...

No. Fogging or dewing occurs when a cold object is taken into a warmer environment. A relatively warm object exposed to colder temperatures will not fog; but if it gets cold while there, it will fog when taken back into a warmer area.

Pat's answer is correct as he explained it, but he has mistaken your question, which was about taking a warm camera out into a colder atmosphere.

Colin D.

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