Re: Photographing Jewellery

"JWJ" <julian.watson@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi, I am not a photographer but a Jewellery maker, and I am looking for
ways to make my jewellery photos for my web site look better.
( I manly make silver jewellery but find that my
photos don't represent the true artical, i,e the silver dosn't look
silver. This could be due to reflection or lighting, dark backgrounds
reflect in the silver and light backgrounds wash it out, so at present
I am useing light hand made paper as a background and trying to get a
shadow for contrast. Any advise or comments welcome. Or if you know of
any good books on the subject I can use for reference. I use a Minolta
Dimage F300 on auto with no flash using macro, and 1 or 2 spot lamps.
Many thanks Julian.

your photos for earrings & neclaces are fine

but you need to handle rings & bracelets the same way...
and use a darker, plainer background