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Get the kit lens & a 50mm f/1.4

Carl Beason wrote:

Guys, Guiys!! Confine your recommendations to the $400 range. I love you but my budget don't.

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Richard H. wrote:

Paul Furman wrote:

The only other problem is if you want to get wider than that, there aren't many options and the 12-24 would be too similar, yet not long enough for general use like the 17-35.

But the 17mm lens would be cropped to 25mm at its widest angle. Why not the 18-70mm DX-format ED lens that comes with the D70s kit? Where does this lens fail in quality? (Really, I'm interested.)

Hmm, maybe not much, here's the three options I see. It looks like people prefer the 17-55 as an option but yes the 18-70 is hard to turn down.
This guy doesn't see the point in spending more but that was the OP's question if there were other options. Most obviously, it's f/2.8 throughout it's range vs f/3.5-4.5 and looks good wide open. I disagree with the review that the added f/stop is not useful or that high ISO compensation is a great way to overcome that.

Here's another reviewer:
the 18-70 has a 7 blade aperture vs 9 blades
the 18-70 has some vignetting and geometric distortion

Another thought... the 18-35 would have a useful companion in an inexpensive 50mm/1.4 <g>.

I'm not too keen on DX lenses, but on the wide angle you practically have to because of the 1.5x cropping effect. On the financial front, buying as a bundle helps too.

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