Re: Suspending Studio Lighting from Ceiling

See Calumet....Manfrotto/Calumet wall mounted boom arms.

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>> There are also wall mounting systems but they are less flexible in
>> lateral movement. Your 9' ceiling is useable with a rail system but you
>> are going to wish it was 12'.
> Who makes wall mount systems? I haven't seen one of those yet, the walls
> may
> be too far apart to use those though...
> My goal really is just to get the lights off the floor so they aren't
> constantly knocked over or in the way. I can start out with lights on
> stands
> if I have to and gradually move them to the ceiling later on but I'd
> prefer
> to just have them up there & out of the way.
> The ceiling mount systems just strike me as overpriced track
> lighting...just
> seems like there has to be a way to do that cheaper than what they're
> charging.
> In this small space we'll be limited to shooting in a specific area and I
> don't really plan on moving the lights anyway(other than just to tilt them
> some). I just need a way to mount them. I'll have a set of portable lights
> I
> can use if I do need lights I can move around.
> I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible until I can get the studio
> established & making money. With all the money I'm shelling out for other
> things I'm kinda wanting to do this part cheaply. Thanks guys :)