Re: Help! Puter keeps freezing up

"GuppyPilot" <reserve.scum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
My computer has been freezing up lately. Usually, the mouse cursor
continues to move for a minute, but can't actually select or launch
anything. Then the mouse freezes. Then I have to reset. It's
particularly likely to happen while installing new software from CD.

Symptoms seemed to get worse after I installed a new Sony SATA DVD
drive. Unplugging the DVD drive didn't seem to have much impact, however.

I tried a new hard drive (Seagate 500Gb SATA). No change. I always
install my OS from scratch, not duplicating the old drive.

System config: Machspeed motherboard/AMD 3.11GHz CPU. They came bundled
together with CPU fan, so I figured they'd be well-matched. 2Gigs memory
on one 240 pin chip. Kensington, I think. Obsolete Diamond AGP video
card. Maybe it's time for a new card, but I hate replacing things that
still work.

Windows XP installed from SP1 disk, upgraded to SP2 then SP3.

Let me know what you think.. Thanks!

Change the batteries in your mouse?