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If I receive an email in, eg. Chinese, how can I translate it into

Unless you are expecting it or know someone in China; I would delete it
unopened as it is probably spam and may have a virus

...but assuming you *want* to read it, go to an online translation site;
use Google:

Copy the email text from the email to the big box on that page and then
select the languages to translate to and from.

If you don't know the language you're translating from, there's an option
Google to guess the language: click the "Translate" button in the
text" section, then on the next page, select From: Detect language. (The
text, the better.)

Gloat while you can, villain!

# Thanks for the info; will give it a try.

# Turned out to be spam, in effect - re "injection molding business".
(I found and used
Chinese ideographs to English alphabetic script.