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I'm hoping to do a non-destructive repair rather than
re-install per:

Trouble is, the CD of XP tat I have isn't the same as what was
installed by a computer repair place a couple years ago. When I
repair off the new CD, and it asks for a serial number, is
giving it the new one going to ruin my day? I have everything
backed up but I'm hoping to avoid a complete re-installation.

The actual installer may not matter. If you give it your
product key, and it accepts it, you should be ready to be
validated after the operation. To reiterate: Don't give it a
"new serial number," just use the one that belongs to your
current install.

unless the installer had a Volume License which has expired or
been cancelled, then the key he has will not work. One never
knows if its going to work until one tries it...sorta like a

Sounds like I'm pretty well hosed unless I can get the serial
number from the install that scheister used back when the drive
died. We even gave him the Dell CD but he used some version he
had because it already had SP2, if I remember correctly. I guess
what I'll do is just assume a full restore but give it a try with
our CD and if it does work great, if not I already prepared for
the worst. I wonder if anyone makes 3rd party software that grabs
all your settings and programs and reinstalls them after the
restore... Thanks for your time!

1. Get Magic Jellybean and read out the key that's currently
in-use. Use it.
2. If you're going to 'Repair' your system, be sure you have a CD
with SP3 integrated. Search for Slipstreaming XP & SP3.

Hey, thanks man - that Jelly Bean is great. The only issue I have is
that my XP is SP1 so I could slipstream it to SP2 and then
re-slipstream it to SP3 although the website I found doesn't say
he's tried that. If I just install the SP2 version that just means
I have to reinstall SP3, right?

You can slipstream SP3 to a SP1 level CD without doing SP2... the
source just has to be either SP1 or SP2 to slipstream SP3 with it.

IF you have SP3 installed on your PC now, trying to re-install or do
a Repair install will give you an error message that you're trying to
install an old version. You can do a Clean install (Format first) of
the old version and then install SP3, but you wanted to try to do a
Repair. You need the slipstreamed SP3.

Will do - thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

Any time... and good luck.