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Posted only internally to AT&T Usenet Servers.

I received this notice a few days ago. Would someone
please give me a few suggestions as what newsgroup
to go with.

I use Forte's service at
They have low rates and excellent retention.

I use them too, after ending up in that same situation.
So far, they have been great!

I would like to post a reply I received from AT&T.
Is it legal for me to post a e-mail directed to myself?

Once an email directed at you comes into your inbox,
unless you have signed a confidentiality agreement,
or given your approval of such an agreement in an
electronic manner, then it is yours to do what you
will with it, period.

Normally, with personal emails (from an individual),
it is good netiquette to keep them private, out of
courtesy, since people tend to write to you through
email, because they want it one on one.

But you have not signed a confidentiality agreement
and when someone emails you, they are doing it
with the hope of privacy, but it is not guaranteed
to them by any law.

As for a company, unless you have agreed with them
that you will keep such messages private, you have
no obligation to.

The only time you may have a problem, is if they
accidentally sent you private internal information
and you maliciously make it public.

But usually, it is a good thing to publicly post a response
to an issue about a product/service from said company,
since it helps out others and reduces the amount of
support traffic they receive. So I wouldn't worry. :)

Are you a lawyer?

Here's another perspective, which is probably closer to reality:

Rhonda Lea Kirk Fries

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Hello Steve,

If the "canned" response below does not adequately address your question
please feel free to write back.

Please forgive the "boiler plate" response, but the sheer volume of
email feedback to the discontinuation of AT&T's Usenet service precludes
a personal response! Also since there may have been multiple messages sent
from the same email addresses I can't guarantee this is not a duplicate

Yes, the announcement is legitimate. On or about July 15 2009,
Usenet Newsgroups will no longer be supported on the AT&T Usenet servers.

There are no plans to reduce prices as a result of the announcement.

We can not endorse a particular third party news provider. Both news
resellers, and free news providers can be found using your favorite
search engine.

If you are not an AT&T subscriber (,,,,,,,,,, you will not be affected.

This announcement was intended to remain contained with the AT&T
news server farm. Unfortunately, the announcement post was downloaded
and re-injected into the Usenet feed bypassing our servers without
our knowledge or consent. That hole in the containment has been

Best regards,

Tom Ippolito
Usenet Team Lead
AT&T Labs